VHF FM:    Output: 145.775MHz         Input: 145.175MHz
UHF FM:    Output: 438.900MHz         Input: 431.300MHz
UHF DV:    Output: 438.862,5MHz       Input: 431.262,5MHz
APRS I-gate    RX:144.800

Activering FM repeaters:
1750Hz tone of CTCSS 131,8Hz

FM Transceivers: Kenwood
FM Logica: homebrew
DV Transceiver: Icom
DV Controller: Icom
DV Gateway via WirelessAntwerpen (thanks to ON4SH and team)

TX 2m : X300 diamond
     Hoogte: 39m = 184m asl
RX 2m: 2 x 4 element yagi Cue Dee
      Hoogte: 37m = 182m asl
TX 70cm: X300 diamond
      Hoogte 39m = 184m asl
RX 70 cm: X300 diamond
      Hoogte 39m = 184 asl
APRS op X300 diamond  Hoogte 33m=178m asl

FM 2M: 50W
FM 70cm: 35W
DV 70cm: 25W

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